Some betting terms

Have you ever browsed a forum or blog about betting and come across a term that you can’t understand? Most likely you have. You can see that there is some valuable information, but you cannot fully understand what it is. That’s why we have explained here some betting terms, which we believe can be useful for you.

If you encounter the words Chalk and Chalk player and you don’t know what they mean, then here’s the explanation. Chalk is an American term for a favorite. Accordingly Chalk player is a player who likes to bet mostly for the favorites. There are many betting strategies for this kind of game, so the word has been established as a special autonomous term in betting.

If you read somewhere that the player bets on the winning team in evens, this means that the odds betting termsoffered by the bookmaker are 2. In other words, when a punter bets on evens for every pound he or she will get another one.

When you read or hear about Full Cover system, this means that all possible combinations are made in this system. For example, full cover five matches means that it offers a straight bet of all five matches, all possible combinations of four matches, also all combinations with three matches, with two and at the end all five matches bet on singles.

If someone says he has or she played a longshot this usually means that the bet is with a very high coefficient so it is less likely to happen. For example, QPR victory against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

An interesting term is the so-called Overbroke. It’s about that rare moment in which the bookmaker is at a loss after all of the bets are made for a match or round of the championship.

You should know about picks and tips. These are terms about the selections of matches which are recommended by an expert and have a great chance to win.

Knowing the terms in betting will not ensure you success. It will just help you to orient yourself. This is important because in the world of gambling any information is valuable.